Adventures in London

In Uncategorized on February 17, 2012 at 5:27 pm

Today i spent the day roaming around in London with my sister which was an amazing day I must say! We walked through St James Park which was really beautiful. Its a place that I enjoy going to because it helps me to chill out and just relax. There was so much wildlife around the park that it was amazing! The number of squirrels that were running around amongst the wraths of people, tourists carting round their enormous families dragging the backpack filled to the brim with London tat and packed lunches. There were several people sitting on the benches surrounding the park throwing small crumbs of their packed lunches at the poor animals. Im sorry but if you are in the mindset that you would not like to eat the horrible marmite sandwiches which mum packed for you, please do not inflict it on the poor animals!

I think that the squirrels around the park could really make use of the other animals living amongst them! I think that they could really benefit from the aquatic skills of the ducks and geese allowing them to travel across the lake. I had a daydream today about this. What would happen if one squirrel hopped onto a ducks back and used it almost as a boat. This would mean that animals would work together and they would have more freedom.

The squirrels would also get to see more of the park and discover different foods, this would mean that those living over by the cafe would be able to have a diet, eating less grated cheese, panini and expensive cake. They would in return have more homemade sandwiches and crisps bought from home or even from their home countries.

To be quite honest I think that it would be quite an achievement for the squirrels and would give the ducks a workout, which may i add, they definitely need. They have made the most of the generous tourists giving away their lunch. For me it is a win-win situation; the tourists don’t have to eat their poorly made lunch, the birds and squirrels get fed, the squirrels get variety and the birds get a much needed work out. Tidy.


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