Embrace your fear.

In truths on February 20, 2012 at 6:29 pm

Interesting conversation today which occurred because a friend mentioned that they were chased by a snail. Now I totally understood this expression to which I said yes that must have been rather scary, then realising that they must have been moving incredibly slowly to have been chased by a snail! If I had of been paying attention I would have realised the error of my thinking because a snail chasing me would be rather amusing.
Which got me thinking what would be the scariest thing to be chased by? Is it an animal, a person, something from a dream, a machine or maybe an idea? In fact I have determined it is my past. I have my experiences, bad feelings and bullying all chasing me reminding me of what I have come from. When I am going about my day to day business those Daemons will follow causing me to lack self confidence and any positive feeling.
If my daemons were to manifest themselves as a tangible creature i think that it would be the most hideous and most scary thing to chase me. Something which I have run away from, distancing myself from my problems, fears and feelings. Until now. Until the realisation that I am more than my fear, I need to face them and carry on.
Achievement of the day- asking a guy to have lunch with me on Wednesday
Dream of the day- go to Paris
Movie to explain how I feel- I am legend.


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