Problem Solving

In Uncategorized on February 23, 2012 at 1:18 pm

I found today that there were queues of people waiting to have their problems solved, their solution found, their lives fixed. The drive of people demanding that things be sorted and that we help them do it is at an all time high. 

Could this be due to the fact that we live in a throw away society where we buy new without fixing the items which we pay so much for and cherish. When they break, we just go out and purchase a new one without batting an eyelid. There is no need to fix the product. 

Although this is now changing, now with an increase demand to be ecofriendly and save the environment we are turning back to use what we have, fix the items we already own and therefore buy less. This is also due to the recession which has hit so many areas of our lives, people now don’t have the finances to keep purchasing new items, things need to be fixed. 

But with this increased demand for fixing items how can we maintain the services in which we fix all of these complicated devices which we so cherish. Owners of the devices now expect and assume that their device or product will be fixed, it will be maintained and their sadness regarding the loss of  their device will be suppressed. 

The only problem with this rise of consumers demanding a fix, we have to cope with the increased traffic, and also with the attitudes of consumers who expect everything to be fixed. They come in with arrogance and with little or no knowledge about their product filled with anger and aggression only to spout it at the person who will most probably fix the problem. 

The first change will need to be peoples attitude towards the situation, build up a better respect between the producer and the consumer. I think that the people to use the service of fixing their problems should appreciate the power that they already have in this situation, not demand more. 

  1. Agree! Good Points! 😉

  2. 🙂

    External change really starts in a wider sense when internal change is taking place.

  3. Can be very difficult knowing how to handle people with all of their psychological issues… Requires a lot of understanding sometimes.

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