Adventures in the kitchen

In pretty things on February 24, 2012 at 8:29 pm


As I prepared my diner today which consisted of a variety of winter vegetables in a Cajun style stew, I discovered my lego chef figurine. He was sat amongst the groceries in the larder and was quite happy standing there with his croissant.

I left him there for a month or so since the last time I experimented with my camera, since that time I have not had the time to photograph my toys. It sounds nerdy but in reality it is really fun!

As I manipulate the figurine I wonder what would happen if the lego world were to become real? What if we in fact as owners, children playing with lego control the figurines destiny. We can determine what they will do, what they will achieve. Could it be another example of the circular cycle in the same respect that two one way mirrors reflect into each other revealing an endless world of mirrors hidden within them. What if we are controlling the lives of the lego men, could it be that someone or something is controlling our fate in the same way.

When we think about religion in the way that God is seen to give us everything we need, grant wishes and perform miracles, it could be that we are pawns in a game. Now I am not insinuating that we are all lego and god is controller, but it is an interesting concept. What if this controlling nature that all humans possess, which emerges in different ways from OCD to controlling what your parent/sibling/partner/friend can or cannot do is passed from level to level.

There may be many, many layers of controller and model subject stacking up on top of each other, there is contact between members of the layers however neither the controller or those being controlled realize that there is a parallel universe.

Could this be an argument regarding the reasons why we do things? Its certainly a new way to look into the world, at the way that humans like to control everything and questioning the fact that that we have free will. Maybe there is someone or something controlling us the whole time? Who knows?


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