Realisation- Money

In Uncategorized on February 25, 2012 at 9:42 pm

Wow, today I had a real sense of realisation as I spoke to a customer today at work. I realised what it is that I need and how where i am at the moment is helping me to achieve this. I spoke with a manager and was told how impressed they are with me and my progress. They said I am a warm and nice person who genuinely cares about both peers and customers. 

My realisation came about after a customer and I began talking about finance, the costs of living in London and the reality of having a job. In a way we work to live, the money that we earn gets mentally spent before we even receive our paycheque! He was telling me about how he invests 5% of his pay each month into something which he loves, kite-buggying. It dawned on me then that I should start investing into things which I enjoy. 

So my first investments will go towards going to visit Go Ape which is a tree top adventure course. I am really looking forward to it and have always wanted to do it!

But then it dawned on me that money isn’t everything. The money which I earn does not make me who or what I am. The manager pointed out that my personality makes me who I am and the reason that I was given the job. Although it seems that money makes a person, it is not the only thing. It is not all about the money, it is what you do with it, how you invest it and how you don’t let money come between you and relationships. 

There are many things today which effect who we are and what we do however money is or should not be one of them. The world has changed and has revealed a commercially consuming and uncontrolled need to have the next thing, the better, bigger, faster and more expensive item. How have we got into such a cycle where what we have is never good enough? Where we are always pining for what is to come next. 

I now have a different outlook on life, I am going to try and do things differently. 

  • Invest in something which I am interested in.
  • Make the most of what I have. 
  • Not pine for the next item. 
  • View money in a different way. 


  1. What’s your next thing after the monkey business? I think it’s really cool to put aside a set amount every month to do what you love. That’s something worth considering…

    • i think it is worth it 🙂 after that it may be a trip to the galleries in paris, i have always wanted just to wander around there and enjoy the sites again 🙂 what would you invest in? x

      • Paris sounds like a really good destination! I was really trying to think of something, but I try to invest more and more time in writing. Since I only use my computer for that, it seems weird also investing money in that. Most of my money goes into trips to Missouri anyway; as you might imagine 🙂

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