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Wednesday, who knew that a Wednesday could be so good? So today I was given a level of responsibility and made the most of it! I had some amazing conversations which took me to a place where I could start thinking about my future.

It allowed me to believe again that the world is my oyster, it is what I make of it. If I just decide that everything is bad, then more than likely everything will be bad! Who is to say what I can and can’t do, what and when I should do something and how success is measured? 
It began a new thought process regarding success. What do we actually define as successful? Some say it depends who is observing. It is far easier to see success in other people and much more of a struggle to see it in ourselves. When there are so many ways, so many opportunities to be successful, why is it so difficult for us to see it in our own lives? 
Why is it a requirement for success to even be measured? Why must we always compare ourselves against the next person? This idea of comparison results in people feeling inferior and therefore having a negative effect on their self confidence and making them develop a real sense of self doubt. 
I have recently read an article regarding  mental healt issues in young people. Depression, anxiety and other common issues have been diagnosed in new high levels, one in three people experiences one of these issues. This need for comparison, for success, for recognition from others is leading to an ever decreasing amount of self confidence in each of us. We constantly put ourselves down and focus on what we haven’t done. However we never celebrate what we can or have achieved, or how lucky we are, or about the exciting things the future may hold.
So as of tonight I am going to approach my days more positively, thinking about what I can achieve, what I have achieved and what I am looking to the future for. 
Today was full of achievements, the thoughts of achievements attempted to push the negative self critical thoughts away from the front of my brain. I will let you know if it successful. 
  1. Like they say, your only competition is yourself! Also, unhealthy competition causes unwarranted stress and ill will. The work place is supposed to be an area of synergy and productivity and jealousy and politics over who gets the next project/hike causes bad vibrations! Hope you do really well at your task! All the best! 🙂

    • yeah, my biggest competitor is myself and i think that unhealthy competition needs to be streamed and controlled making sure that it is only nudging us in the right direction. giving us the encouragement to move forward for the right reasons.. the people around me aren’t that competitive, i imagine it all! hope you are feeling positive today

  2. Indeed, the world is what you make of it! You made me realize that I need to focus more on the things I already accomplished and less time worrying about things I haven’t done. Sometimes you just need to be reminded about that. Great insights on a Wednesday! =)

  3. Ah success, my take on it is to simply accomplish what you’ve set out to do. I do believe it’s good to measure it since it indicates whether we’re progressing towards our goals or not. We do have to have the right mindset in defining what goals actually are. To actually accomplish something and learn in the process even through failure, rather than getting ahead of other people or some other selfish motive.

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