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i went for a walk the other morning whilst staying in canterbury. i realised what a beautiful country we live in. the country with green fields and trees making up all that the eye can see. a layer of fog slept over the rolling fields leaving a mystical aura over the natural habitat. it was magical and i very much enjoyed the fact that i could not really see where i was walking or where i had walked from.
it was so amazing



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I trawled through a drawer this morning, searching for two AA batteries attempting to replace the batteries in my alarm clock. Today finding batteries seems extremely old school because we all have mobile phones with alarms; most people also have radio alarms so their radio doubles up as an alarm clock. But I am content with my ancient alarm clock.

The batteries were buried right at the bottom of the drawer, as I discovered the scattering of loose batteries I also found numerous discarded items, which have collected there over the years. I found a vast collection of old cut string, shells from holidays, broken headphones and so many old phone chargers. These all combined together meant that it was impossible for me to see the wood on the bottom of the drawer, so I removed everything and scattered it across the room.

I then discovered a Barbie shoe, a scratched DVD and a large iron key. I could understand discovering all of the other items; they all had a story behind them. However this key was a mystery to me. I had never seen it before and didn’t know what it could possibly be a key for.

The key sat there as my imagination raced around thinking about where the key could be from and what the possibilities were regarding what the key could unlock. The large iron key would be able to be inserted into a grand lock, at the front of a grand house, a house with history. The key would be turned clicking in the lock opening the grand oak double doors as they are pulled open and the great hall is visible through the ever-increasing opening. The great hall radiates beauty and wealth to which I cannot imagine in my life today. The sweeping long luxurious curtains sweep from the floor to the ceiling letting in the glowing light through enormous windows.

As the light settles on the flowers pristinely organized in several large glittering vases, highlighting the beautiful colours of the flowers. Summer has begun, the cut flowers are now a regular key feature of the house the colours brightening the room. The door continues to open as the foot of the stairs is coming into view as eyes are caught and taken upwards towards the landing. The rich red of the carpet allows you to marvel, you continue to wonder what is to come.

The landing is the stage for the scandal of this grand house. The audience from the front door, the large key still in their hand, they view something, which they were not meant to see. In shock they stop and stare watching the events that follow. As the time goes on they realize, perhaps they should not watch any longer as this is not for them to see. The door slams shut, the key still in their hand as they recoil down the steps and back onto the street.

The key for now will sit in your drawer. The key, which we have never seen before, will stay there meaning that your imagination will wander never quite knowing the truth, but it is more entertaining to plot rather than know the truth.


Tag you’re it.

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  1. For a million pounds, would you rather put a spider in your mouth or a worm?

For a million pounds I think that I would rather put a worm in my mouth for several reasons. I think that the worm moves less and therefore would be less of a bother or burden when in my mouth. However for that much money I would question why they were giving away so much money and why bugs? And also is it like a bush tucker trial or is it just for kicks?

For one million pounds I think that I would put a worm in my mouth because a) they are not slimey b) they have no legs c) they don’t poo d) they don’t make a web. Imagine a spider making a web in your mouth…….

 2. Would you rather feed the ducks or eat duck pancakes?

I would rather feed the ducks because I am vegetarian and don’t believe in eating animals. Even when I did eat meat I didn’t see the point in duck pancakes, they weren’t very nice. I love going to a park and feeding ducks because the surrounding area is beautiful and helps me to relax. I love observing the behavior of the ducks and the other animals who live in the surrounding area.

3. If you could make a giant animal small and keep it as a pet, what would it be (e.g. a tiny giraffe)?

I would most definitely have a tiny koala who slept on the top of my pencil as I wrote. I would build Caleb, my koala, a climbing frame of pencils, rulers and other stationary on my desk to make sure that he didn’t get bored. 

4. If Jurassic Park was real, would you visit it?

I would definitely visit Jurassic park because it would be one of my lifelong dreams being fulfilled if I were to get to see a real life dinosaur. The dinosaurs although they would scare me would be able to have free roam of the island and I would be able to roam about on the island without being noticed by them. Considering the fact that dinosaurs cannot exist on this earth I figured I could hypothetically become invisible.

 5. If you could make a small animal giant and keep it as a pet, what would it be (e.g. I would like a Great Dane sized rabbit)?

Definitely a pelican sized chick so that the chick would be all fluffy and cute chirping away but would be large enough to make people move out of the way. There would be a secondary island in St James Park in London for the giant chicks who would be a new attraction, however they would be able to wander away when they do not want to be viewed any more.

 6. Would you rather read the book or watch the film?

I would rather read the book as I have an overactive imagination so I love creating the worlds in my mind, imagining the characters, the locations and trying to unravel the story in my head. This makes me feel creative and helps me to exercise my imagination.

 7. Circle cats – can you image the crazy adventures?

I am allergic to cats, so hopefully if the circle cats had less fur they would make me less allergic. But I do know that the circle cats would look awesome cute and potentially chase after dogs, repaying them for thousands of years of mistreatment!

 8. Would you rather wear polka-dots or stripes?

Definitely stripes, I don’t look good in polka dots. I cant deal with it if the dots are not symmetrical and identical. Therefore stripes are more methodical.

 9. Should I/ should I not text/call B?

You should do what you feel is right, don’t call or text if they have actively been avoiding you. Don’t appear to be too keen yet don’t be too hard to reach and get hold of. I think it is best to test the water, text B then see how quickly you get a response. A quick response means a call, a slow response would mean no text, no call.

 10. Would you rather eat pizza or pasta?

I would rather eat pasta as there is more that you can do with pasta. Also I am lactose intolerant therefore cannot have pizza as there is too much cheese on the pizza. The pasta is also easy for me to eat while on my lunch at work, pizza does not really allow for a packed lunch.

 11. Did you enjoy answering my questions?

I did very much enjoy answering the questions as it made me think about things that I normally ignore or suppress. It is nice to think about different and new things and to make me imagine ‘what if’ scenario’s.

  1. If you had the ability to have one superpower what would you have?
  2. There is a film about you. Which actor/actress would play you and what genre would it be?
  3. Would you rather drive a car or ride a motorbike?
  4. How long could you live without your mobile phone?
  5. If you could go to a gig of any band, current or in the past, who would you go and see?
  6. Velcro shoes or Sandals and socks. What is more embarrassing?
  7. Favorite line from a movie?
  8. Black or white coffee?
  9. Would you rather have Chinese, curry or Italian?
  10. 10.  Best childhood memory?
  11. 11. Worst lie you ever told? 
In No Particular Order 🙂 

Enter Here

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Enter Here,

The pathway to another land is available. You have to believe in this doorway as that is the only thing to steer you from normality. The belief that there is something better, it starts here.

I realized that I could enter any life I want or choose to, as I am master of my own future. The invite to enter a new life either taking up a new skill or a new hobby or by interacting with a new person, the choice is mine.

An entry to a new path is deemed as a new beginning an opportunity however fearful you may be of starting something new. Just remember a time when you were scared of something, for example a new job or a new school, you managed to stare that fear in the face and succeed anyway. By achieving in these circumstances they should be deemed as a larger success compared with a situation when the conditions are in favor of the person. 

I believe that with each day comes new opportunity, there is a new entry point, a new start. We choose at which point we enter therefore taking completely different routes to those around us. These shape us giving each individual a different experience and therefore a different outlook on life.

The more opportunities we take, the more fear we face which means confidence will form due to the courage you have to show with each new start. This then means you will be more likely to enter different situations and start new things broadening your horizons and taking you to new places.

Keep an open mind as those pathways will always be there. You never know what will be on offer, only that you have the courage to start something new and take that path. 

weekend away…

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I spent the weekend away from technology, away from London, away from distraction. It was the most restful weekend that I have ever had!

We went to a spa in Canterbury just to relax and chill out and OH MY did it work! Never did I realize how much I needed to take the time out to step back from my fast paced life, I don’t know how I haven’t seen or felt it before. The reason for this weekend was my Mums birthday so we went away so that my sister and I could look after my mum because she has had a hard time recently.

As life soars and races along, people pass, transport seamlessly takes us from A to B. We worry about what we wear, what we eat, who we talk to and what gadgetry we have or don’t have.

When we were in Canterbury everything was much more simple, it gave me the chance to appreciate the beauty around me, the natural simplicity of the potato fields, the rolling hills, going shopping in the farm shop rather than the industrial warehouse that is Tesco.

The potato fields under the layers of fog which formed over night were the perfect place for me to stroll and gave me the ability to process my thoughts. When I stood in the middle in the field I stopped, did a full turn just to take in my full surroundings and could not see the edges of the field. This made me feel that I was isolated and shut off from the world, as if the world was passing me by as I stood still. But strangely, for a change, I didn’t mind!

These things put together helped me to relax and remove myself from my busy and hectic lifestyle to appreciate what is around me.  


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there is many reasons why we can believe that magic exists, so many things in the day can persuade us that the magic exists. although is it actually magic or is it just the belief that between us if we want something to happen badly enough, we will all do what we can to make it so. 

there is a famous quote from the field of dreams. ‘if you build it he will come’ 

i read into this that if you want something (i.e. baseball stars to play their sport in your garden) if you go out of your way you will be rewarded with what you want. in this respect if you work hard enough in the right direction the odds will work with you. if you have the belief, the need to work hard and succeed then there is a higher chance that the magic will happen. 

i wanted the confidence to be able to succeed in a new job. so i went and applied for a job, i walked in with my head held high pretending that i was confident the magic struck me down and gave me the confidence that i needed to get the job. 

so i wanted that confidence, i was willing to work towards the confidence, i put in the effort and i was rewarded with the thing, the ONLY thing that i wanted at that point. 

give yourself the gift of magic, apply the belief, the desire and right attitude towards what you want you will be rewarded 🙂


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The young girl walks along, lost in her thoughts. With her head in the clouds she would be perceived to be oblivious to the world around her. To people looking in she would be seen as socially isolated or introverted as it is more important to her to imagine rather than communicate.

She has no desire to take part in excessive social contact and is quite contented in her own social bubble as she wanders through the world. Why people expect her to react and interact in the same way, as everyone else is not clear to her. She is not everyone else. She is her own person with her own feelings, views and responses.

Some cultures value outspokenness and overt confidence, to which this young girl would not fit. Her shyness could be perceived as weakness.

To an unsympathetic observer, a shy individual may be mistaken as cold, distant, arrogant or aloof, which can be frustrating for the shy individual.

However, in other cultures, shy people may be perceived as being thoughtful, intelligent, as being good listeners, and as being more likely to think before they speak. This is the environment to which the young girl would fit.

In the girls imagination the pavements are multicolored, the colours change for each person depending in how fast they are walking. The trees are all bright green after having enough water and not being damaged by pollution. In the trees sit hundreds of songbirds taking part in the morning chorus, as the girl listens she smiles, as this is the song her mother sang to her. As the sun shines over this land, the colours glisten, the area around her enhanced by the natural beauty of the sun. Animals bound around surrounding her, as a pelican kneels in front of her offering its services to the girl, it will take her across the lake to the island isolated in the middle. The water flows past sparkling in the warm light when looking over the lake the glare is so bright it makes you squint as the light is so bright.

The young girl knows once she gets to the island, there will be her haven. On the island it contains her world: a place where she can relax and create another world. As she sits on the pelican moving towards the island, her small treehouse comes into view. The treehouse is lit up with fairy lights strung up around the rafters setting it aglow. The treehouse contains her books, her sketchbooks, pencils and her teddy. Everything that this young girl needs for now is contained in her treehouse, when she reaches it she will be contented.

This made me think about how shyness is perceived. When you encounter a shy person, what goes through your mind? How do you interpret these behaviors?
I am very shy, but I come across as confident to cover it up. How confident do you normally feel?


Gateway to another land

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Gateway to another land

What would it be like to look through areas like this where we can see our reality and then there is what appears to be a gateway. A gateway or a doorway to another land. A land where everything is simpler, where your imagination is the most important factor in order to survive. I hope that you all have imagination and can create your own story of this land in order to appreciate the beauty and magic which is displayed in this image 🙂

the national portrait gallery

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Yesterday I went to the national portrait gallery on Trafalgar Square with my friend George and we took half of the day to look around the inspirational hub that is the gallery. We wandered around marveling at the grand pictures and paintings around us. The huge paintings, which shadowed over us left us in awe at the way they were created.

The subjects of the paintings would have had to sit still in times gone by for hours on end. The amount of detail could not have been captured quickly on camera or with a photograph; they were all painted by hand each pattern and texture individually crafted. The amount that was captured is even more impressive than those included in photographs.

It just left me imagining a time when to capture anything which I wanted to remember or keep I would have had to hand draw it and capture it in my own way.

The one thing, which really stood out for me, was that there was one tiny image of Jane Austen. Jane Austen. She sold millions of books worldwide, there have been several films made based on the books she crafted and overall has been a major success. Yet there is this one-penciled drawing, captured by her sister, to reflect her success. Jane Austen was very shy, yet she has given us the gift of many beautiful books and stories. The fact that she never asked for a large painting to be created of her meant that the small pencil drawing was the most important and most impressive piece of artwork in the entire gallery.

She left such a literary legacy yet we barely know what she looked like. This creates a sense of intrigue about her; it has inspired me to read the rest of her work. 

good things about today.

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Today was very good because an old friend popped in to visit me at work, they came especially to see me which made me feel so special. Small things like this happen and do get dismissed or rather outweighed by the negative things which happen in every day life. On a normal day I wouldn’t take the time to note down the things which made me smile, but today I am.

I feel that at the moment I need to make sure I keep in the positive to prevent any decline into the danger of depression. By making a list it will be tangible proof of the things that have made me smile and things that I have enjoyed. This way I can look back on these activities or events and possibly call on them in the future.

By using things like this myself to keep me in a positive frame of mind I will be able to cheer myself up in times of need.

The second thing which cheered me up today was the number of children around me who were going home clutching flowers, chocolates and cards ready for their day with their mothers tomorrow, as tomorrow is mothering Sunday incase you have forgotten! This made me smile because mums are truly irreplaceable and should be told more often.

Another event which made me smile is that a guy at work bought me a coffee, he said that I deserved one and that he would buy it for me. It made me smile because it was a random act of goodness, he then proceeded to tell me that he couldn’t understand why I didn’t have a boyfriend. This was nice because it makes me feel that he has seen the good qualities about me, soon others will too!

Although it shouldn’t be about relationships and boyfriends all of the time, it would still be nice to meet and click with someone.

This is the list for today, the top three things which happened to me.

What good things happened to you today?