Todays thoughts on logic.

In Uncategorized on March 1, 2012 at 10:26 pm

I discovered today that there is three parts of a thought process involved when making a decision. Firstly you have what, then how and finishing with why. So this begins when you have a decision to be made. 

For example if you are looking to buy a car due to the fact that you need an alternative to public transport. This is because getting to your job is not practical on a bus which takes two hours. This is the what. 

You then move on to how, meaning that you research online into new vehicles, you go to some car showrooms and talk to several people about their experiences and more often than not you will purchase the car. This thought process is the longest process and the process most manipulated by both the media and peers around you. 

The last part of the thought process is the why, it is either the analysis of what just happened, or it is the justification of what you have just completed. This why aspect kicks the feelings around the decisions into effect therefore providing the emotional response. 

If we to reverse this process, it would enable us to analyse decision making and justify why we do things. If I look into my past I can see things that I have chosen to do and view them in a different light.

For example, learning to drive. My feelings were that I wanted to compare myself to my friends, I wanted to impress them, I wanted to be better than them. I then put the why aspect into motion and committed myself to learning to drive. Others around me told me what an amazing idea it was and how it was a good idea to learn to drive. This made me continue and push harder for a success. This was the how aspect in that I wanted to succeed and the people around me wanted me to keep going and persuaded me to continue. To fully have the wheels in motion I booked in all of my lessons with a driving school and had my weekly lessons. This completed the need that I had to learn to drive.

When I look back I think about what drove me to do it, whether it was worth it and what I really gained from it. Now I realised I was doing it for other people and didn’t take anything from it. If I were to learn anything again I would need to make sure that it ‘felt right’ that the why feeling was the right feeling! 

These are my words of wisdom for today!


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