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Courage defined as-

  • The ability to do something that frightens one
  • Strength in the face of pain of grief

To show courage is the greatest success. To face what you fear, to show others what you are made of, how much you can achieve in a circumstance that is not friendly to you. The most courageous you can be is when in a situation when you are scared about something within you. A daemon inside you, the fears that sit on your back which dictate your every move for better or for worse.

These daemons lead you into situations which avoid your fear, which take you out of your way to prevent the intense fear rising up like a mighty tsunami. When meeting your fear the monster can go as far as to overwhelm you.

The levels of fear simmer as the object is encountered, a knot forms in your stomach as the levels of anxiety make you twitch. Palms become sweaty as you pursue this fear, chase it down a dark alley to a place where you both know could end in intense panic. You hope deep down that you will have the courage to beat the daemon this time.

With your palms now sweaty and your fists clenched a lump manifests itself in your throat preventing you from swallowing. The painful thoughts swim around your head causing you to feel inferior, utterly hopeless and lack self-confidence. The belief becomes stronger as you go further down the alley, the fear looms over you almost overcoming you with its power. How you will make it out of this dark place you do not know. The only hope is a small ember which you must take care of, to nourish and to grow. The ember will one day glow, it will shine in a way which sends out a light to give power. The light stimulates courage, the ability to show the daemon what you are made of.

When facing fear, focus on the light. The light you can see even amongst the swarming wave of fear which can overwhelm you, soon that light will be the courage you need to make it through anything.


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