ten reasons why i love disney

In Uncategorized on March 4, 2012 at 10:19 pm

1. the stories are just amazing. they cannot be compared to by any other film production companies. there is always good feelings, positive intent, clear characters and humour for both children and adults. 

2. the images, animation and composition is exquisite. the films light up my eyes in a way that no other film can, they make me smile and see the beauty in what is drawn or animated. the colours, the presentation, the overall screen makeup takes me into a magical world where i am fully absorbed.

3. music. the music is so magical and memorable it takes me back to a time where things were simple and i enjoyed the freedom which each song gave me as i could prance around the front room in a world of my own. especially www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrQQZuLru9s from the Jungle Book. 

4. i particularly love the way that in disney movies there is always an element of magic and marvel as you wonder how things happen, how there are fairies, how wishes came true. it allowed me to believe such things were true and gave me hope in those difficult times. 

5. the disney movies gave me the ability to have an aspirational link to the movies,

  • aladdin- see the world 
  • the little mermaid- go scuba diving
  • finding nemo- go to australia
  • tangled- grow my hair long
  • tarzan- live in a tree house

6. i have the memories of who i went to see it with, the fact that i had most of them on VIDEO before DVD

7. the association with the fact that i felt so happy and still remain to feel really happy to this day when i get to watch the movies. there is just a feel good aspect to all of the films. 

8. the traditional format, the fairytale aspect of all of the movies. it is basic yet fulfils its purpose. the age old story where there is a beginning middle and end with the progression through the story remaining clear throughout. a problem arises due to the plotting of the villain but goodness triumphs over evil and the hero prevails giving us a happy ending. 

9. the invention of disney pixar. need we say any more. the best story lines with the best of new technology. www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYz2wyBy3kc when you watch toy story you forget the amount that this production was ahead of traditional animation.

10. characters are inspiring. the story lines are enjoyable. the combination of all of these factors will continue to capture our hearts and minds for years to come as we enjoy these amazing movies. they are my guilty pleasure at the end of the day!


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