In Uncategorized on March 5, 2012 at 7:19 pm

Today my day was ended on a high note which stemmed from a negative. 

It’s funny how you wake up in the morning with a feeling about something that may happen in your day, it’s almost like a premonition of what is going to happen. When I woke up this morning I felt as if something was going to go wrong and that I had reasons to be anxious about my day. Do you think that we have a part of the brain which controls our fears and preconceptions? Something which subliminally tells us to tread carefully during certain parts of the day to avoid mis-haps and anything going wrong around us. 

The negative feeling builds up inside you like a boiling kettle, the heat rises as you become more anxious and edgy trying to avoid the ultimatum that you know is coming. The situation continues and you feel that you could become dangerous as the anxiety is becoming too much for you. 
This feeling then overtakes you, you lose the ability to speak and any words you try to share can not leave your lips as they begin to quiver from this stress. The lips continue to quiver and the lump appears in your throat which you know can only mean one thing. 
The tears and the lump mean that if you try to verbalise anything you will burst into tears. It cannot be helped. The stresses and strains of the day have caught up with you only to reveal that inside you are quivering from the belief that something will and has gone wrong just as predicted. 
As you weep and try to share your thoughts, you begin to think that what you are expressing is in fact silly, trying to cover up the tears. But it’s too late the emotion is exploding now, it flows like a river. The only consolation is the people around you making sure you are okay, making you a cup of tea, giving you a cuddle and waking you home.
Premonitions are funny things, they come when you least expect them and end your day in a way that is not expected. I never knew how much people cared for me until this evening.
That much was worth the tears. I am happy where I work. 

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