moving forward, moving on

In Uncategorized on March 7, 2012 at 10:46 am

today i realised that i really need to focus on the future, focus on what i want and the dreams that i have and move forward. the dreams that i have need to be important, more important than my old ways of trying to please everyone and putting everyone before myself. 

if i move forward it will technically be leaving my past behind, if i do this i will not forget the past i will just take the things that i have learned from it. the past is like a lesson, when viewed we can learn a lot about ourselves, our friends and family, our likes and dislikes and also how we are likely to behave in certain situations. by viewing the past as we would view a movie taking out the elements relevant to a specific situation we would become much wiser. 

by looking to our past as a reference it will allow us to move forward by enabling us to challenge the things that come towards us. if we use past struggles and problems to plan a reaction, therefore learning from our mistakes we will become much better off and be able to move forward in life. 

if i learn from the mistakes i have made i think that i will be wiser and more able to face what may come. if you are going to make a change today, think about how you deal with problems you have had, and how you may apply what you have learnt to todays problems. 

just something to think about 

  1. I love referencing the past. Movies, Music, and events are all great moments to build upon. History is a beautiful thing. It’s a never ending story told by the universe.

    • wow thats a great thought 🙂 i think that the references that we use help us to move forward and help us learn from the history that we have experienced. the never ending story is SO true though, live every day as if it were to be written in the history books 🙂
      thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts

  2. have you seen the holstee manifesto?

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