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So I was wondering, what makes a ninja a ninja? Is it their power to do things unnoticed, to be stealthy when under the watchful eye of the world, to make a difference and not be questioned or questioned about what or why they have done?

I think that there are more ninjas around us than we may think. There are so many people who spend their days with me at home and at work that I wonder how many of them do things in their life that are unnoticed, the things that are bypassed because they are deemed to be so unimportant or ‘normal’. These people who just get on with whatever they have to do are the people who should be deemed as ninjas.

There are hundreds of people who run the tubes, the buses, the trains and the trams who maintain the travel without making a fuss. They just maintain the services while we make use of them on a daily basis. They are the unsung heroes behind the scenes who we rely on, they make the changes just going about their daily basis as we continue on our way to and from work.

Then there are the shop assistants who overnight prepare the stock, in the day maintain control of the shop floor, serve customers, know all of the answers and sometimes just get ignored by passers by. They are stealthy as things around us change, the shop displays are constantly changing and the décor of the shops are altered only for people to notice the change but not once think about the work put into it.

We also have those in the food industry. The amount of food that we buy on a day to day basis whether it be fresh food, prepackaged meals or meals at a restaurant is unbelievable! We have all of this food and very few of us take the time to think how it came to be, where the food came from. Who planted the seeds? Who peeled the carrots? Who put this meal on my plate?

The world spins and passes by and the days roll on and we continue in our daily business. I would like everyone to take the time even if it is just a moment to think about who is doing things behind the scenes unnoticed and unappreciated to make your lives better.

The unsung heroes. Without them we would be in real trouble. Lets appreciate the real ninjas in life who help us get by. 

  1. A brilliant and very thoughtful post 🙂 (coming from an ex-foodworker ninja)

  2. Hear, hear!

  3. Hooray for ninjas! 🙂

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