good things about today.

In Uncategorized on March 17, 2012 at 6:51 pm

Today was very good because an old friend popped in to visit me at work, they came especially to see me which made me feel so special. Small things like this happen and do get dismissed or rather outweighed by the negative things which happen in every day life. On a normal day I wouldn’t take the time to note down the things which made me smile, but today I am.

I feel that at the moment I need to make sure I keep in the positive to prevent any decline into the danger of depression. By making a list it will be tangible proof of the things that have made me smile and things that I have enjoyed. This way I can look back on these activities or events and possibly call on them in the future.

By using things like this myself to keep me in a positive frame of mind I will be able to cheer myself up in times of need.

The second thing which cheered me up today was the number of children around me who were going home clutching flowers, chocolates and cards ready for their day with their mothers tomorrow, as tomorrow is mothering Sunday incase you have forgotten! This made me smile because mums are truly irreplaceable and should be told more often.

Another event which made me smile is that a guy at work bought me a coffee, he said that I deserved one and that he would buy it for me. It made me smile because it was a random act of goodness, he then proceeded to tell me that he couldn’t understand why I didn’t have a boyfriend. This was nice because it makes me feel that he has seen the good qualities about me, soon others will too!

Although it shouldn’t be about relationships and boyfriends all of the time, it would still be nice to meet and click with someone.

This is the list for today, the top three things which happened to me.

What good things happened to you today? 

  1. aieeee…. giggle giggle…. 😀

    Now that you mention it. Most of the things we do in life are related to relationships. Parents work to provide for their family. The little things we do for the sake of people we care about. The lengths to which we will go for those we deeply love. A personal relationship with God for some. We smile when someone reciprocates with our interaction. I therefore conclude that human beings are very relationship oriented fellows. Some more so than others.

    I think I’ll make an everyday list just like you did. (talking to self) Ha! see! you have no reason to be depressesed! Look at all these good things!

  2. A great post! We all have those days when the second you wake up, you know you’re in a blue mood. Focusing on the positives is our gift to ourselves.

    I have a sure-fire mood lifter for you to try. Early in the morning (it has to be early, other times of the day just don’t seem to cut it) I brew up a great cup of tea, open my back door and stand in the garden in utter silence. I listen to the sounds and let them travel around my head. Somehow, the sound of the birds singing seems to push the muzziness of a bad mood right out. My doctor couldn’t prescribe me a thing that compares to how great this small deed makes me feel!!

    • i like this idea 🙂 i think i may try it as in the morning i always feel rubbish! that way it will start my day as i mean to go on 🙂 hope that you are smiling!

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