the national portrait gallery

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Yesterday I went to the national portrait gallery on Trafalgar Square with my friend George and we took half of the day to look around the inspirational hub that is the gallery. We wandered around marveling at the grand pictures and paintings around us. The huge paintings, which shadowed over us left us in awe at the way they were created.

The subjects of the paintings would have had to sit still in times gone by for hours on end. The amount of detail could not have been captured quickly on camera or with a photograph; they were all painted by hand each pattern and texture individually crafted. The amount that was captured is even more impressive than those included in photographs.

It just left me imagining a time when to capture anything which I wanted to remember or keep I would have had to hand draw it and capture it in my own way.

The one thing, which really stood out for me, was that there was one tiny image of Jane Austen. Jane Austen. She sold millions of books worldwide, there have been several films made based on the books she crafted and overall has been a major success. Yet there is this one-penciled drawing, captured by her sister, to reflect her success. Jane Austen was very shy, yet she has given us the gift of many beautiful books and stories. The fact that she never asked for a large painting to be created of her meant that the small pencil drawing was the most important and most impressive piece of artwork in the entire gallery.

She left such a literary legacy yet we barely know what she looked like. This creates a sense of intrigue about her; it has inspired me to read the rest of her work. 

  1. A friend of mine has been to the Portrait gallery in London and it is a place I would love to visit one day. You have made me want to visit even more!

    • definitely do because it is an amazing day out 🙂 it is so magical and is surrounded in so much history 🙂
      absolutely a must do when in london 🙂
      thankyou for stopping by

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