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there is many reasons why we can believe that magic exists, so many things in the day can persuade us that the magic exists. although is it actually magic or is it just the belief that between us if we want something to happen badly enough, we will all do what we can to make it so. 

there is a famous quote from the field of dreams. ‘if you build it he will come’ 

i read into this that if you want something (i.e. baseball stars to play their sport in your garden) if you go out of your way you will be rewarded with what you want. in this respect if you work hard enough in the right direction the odds will work with you. if you have the belief, the need to work hard and succeed then there is a higher chance that the magic will happen. 

i wanted the confidence to be able to succeed in a new job. so i went and applied for a job, i walked in with my head held high pretending that i was confident the magic struck me down and gave me the confidence that i needed to get the job. 

so i wanted that confidence, i was willing to work towards the confidence, i put in the effort and i was rewarded with the thing, the ONLY thing that i wanted at that point. 

give yourself the gift of magic, apply the belief, the desire and right attitude towards what you want you will be rewarded 🙂

  1. sometimes dreams are just supposed to be dreams 🙂

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