Enter Here

In Uncategorized on March 29, 2012 at 7:05 pm

Enter Here,

The pathway to another land is available. You have to believe in this doorway as that is the only thing to steer you from normality. The belief that there is something better, it starts here.

I realized that I could enter any life I want or choose to, as I am master of my own future. The invite to enter a new life either taking up a new skill or a new hobby or by interacting with a new person, the choice is mine.

An entry to a new path is deemed as a new beginning an opportunity however fearful you may be of starting something new. Just remember a time when you were scared of something, for example a new job or a new school, you managed to stare that fear in the face and succeed anyway. By achieving in these circumstances they should be deemed as a larger success compared with a situation when the conditions are in favor of the person. 

I believe that with each day comes new opportunity, there is a new entry point, a new start. We choose at which point we enter therefore taking completely different routes to those around us. These shape us giving each individual a different experience and therefore a different outlook on life.

The more opportunities we take, the more fear we face which means confidence will form due to the courage you have to show with each new start. This then means you will be more likely to enter different situations and start new things broadening your horizons and taking you to new places.

Keep an open mind as those pathways will always be there. You never know what will be on offer, only that you have the courage to start something new and take that path. 

  1. Starting something new feels like jumping on a new timeline. Especially if it is going to take up much of our time and energy. We’ll end up in a completley different place than if we hadn’t gone there.

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