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  1. For a million pounds, would you rather put a spider in your mouth or a worm?

For a million pounds I think that I would rather put a worm in my mouth for several reasons. I think that the worm moves less and therefore would be less of a bother or burden when in my mouth. However for that much money I would question why they were giving away so much money and why bugs? And also is it like a bush tucker trial or is it just for kicks?

For one million pounds I think that I would put a worm in my mouth because a) they are not slimey b) they have no legs c) they don’t poo d) they don’t make a web. Imagine a spider making a web in your mouth…….

 2. Would you rather feed the ducks or eat duck pancakes?

I would rather feed the ducks because I am vegetarian and don’t believe in eating animals. Even when I did eat meat I didn’t see the point in duck pancakes, they weren’t very nice. I love going to a park and feeding ducks because the surrounding area is beautiful and helps me to relax. I love observing the behavior of the ducks and the other animals who live in the surrounding area.

3. If you could make a giant animal small and keep it as a pet, what would it be (e.g. a tiny giraffe)?

I would most definitely have a tiny koala who slept on the top of my pencil as I wrote. I would build Caleb, my koala, a climbing frame of pencils, rulers and other stationary on my desk to make sure that he didn’t get bored. 

4. If Jurassic Park was real, would you visit it?

I would definitely visit Jurassic park because it would be one of my lifelong dreams being fulfilled if I were to get to see a real life dinosaur. The dinosaurs although they would scare me would be able to have free roam of the island and I would be able to roam about on the island without being noticed by them. Considering the fact that dinosaurs cannot exist on this earth I figured I could hypothetically become invisible.

 5. If you could make a small animal giant and keep it as a pet, what would it be (e.g. I would like a Great Dane sized rabbit)?

Definitely a pelican sized chick so that the chick would be all fluffy and cute chirping away but would be large enough to make people move out of the way. There would be a secondary island in St James Park in London for the giant chicks who would be a new attraction, however they would be able to wander away when they do not want to be viewed any more.

 6. Would you rather read the book or watch the film?

I would rather read the book as I have an overactive imagination so I love creating the worlds in my mind, imagining the characters, the locations and trying to unravel the story in my head. This makes me feel creative and helps me to exercise my imagination.

 7. Circle cats – can you image the crazy adventures?

I am allergic to cats, so hopefully if the circle cats had less fur they would make me less allergic. But I do know that the circle cats would look awesome cute and potentially chase after dogs, repaying them for thousands of years of mistreatment!

 8. Would you rather wear polka-dots or stripes?

Definitely stripes, I don’t look good in polka dots. I cant deal with it if the dots are not symmetrical and identical. Therefore stripes are more methodical.

 9. Should I/ should I not text/call B?

You should do what you feel is right, don’t call or text if they have actively been avoiding you. Don’t appear to be too keen yet don’t be too hard to reach and get hold of. I think it is best to test the water, text B then see how quickly you get a response. A quick response means a call, a slow response would mean no text, no call.

 10. Would you rather eat pizza or pasta?

I would rather eat pasta as there is more that you can do with pasta. Also I am lactose intolerant therefore cannot have pizza as there is too much cheese on the pizza. The pasta is also easy for me to eat while on my lunch at work, pizza does not really allow for a packed lunch.

 11. Did you enjoy answering my questions?

I did very much enjoy answering the questions as it made me think about things that I normally ignore or suppress. It is nice to think about different and new things and to make me imagine ‘what if’ scenario’s.

  1. If you had the ability to have one superpower what would you have?
  2. There is a film about you. Which actor/actress would play you and what genre would it be?
  3. Would you rather drive a car or ride a motorbike?
  4. How long could you live without your mobile phone?
  5. If you could go to a gig of any band, current or in the past, who would you go and see?
  6. Velcro shoes or Sandals and socks. What is more embarrassing?
  7. Favorite line from a movie?
  8. Black or white coffee?
  9. Would you rather have Chinese, curry or Italian?
  10. 10.  Best childhood memory?
  11. 11. Worst lie you ever told? 
In No Particular Order 🙂 
  1. 1. Super power – be indestructible
    2. Julie Walters and something along the lines of the Weasleys
    3. A motor bike – i used to ride pillion but i never had enough courage to ride on my own
    4. There are some days i would like to pretend i had dropped it down the loo 🙂 seriously i wish i had never bought one. I have an old fashioned text and ring one.
    5. I once went to see the Osmonds and i would probably go again, i don’t even know what’s out there these days 🙂
    6. depends who is wearing them – if it’s my friend then both and if it was my Dad the sandals and socks
    7. space the final frontier
    8. mocha
    9. good chinese or english
    10. Running away from the caretaker at the local school. We never broke anything but we did used to climb into the rafters of the dutch barn or over the fencing into the tennis courts where we weren’t allowed
    11. I don’t tell lies – never, honest

    Well you made me smile thanks 🙂

  2. 1. To time travel! There is so much history I would like to see firsthand.
    2. It would be a Romantic Comedy and I would be played by Zooey Daschanel, even though she looks nothing like me. I love her quirkiness!
    3. Drive a car. I am a total chicken and would never even get on a motorcycle.
    4. I have already lived without it for a period of 24 hours and that was not an experience I would like to do again. I felt lost without it.
    5. I don’t get to concerts much so there are a lot of current bands I would adore seeing. If I can go back to before my time, I think it would have been cool to see Elvis in concert in his younger days or the Beatles.
    6. I could never do socks with sandals so I have to go with velcro shoes.
    7. “In vain I have struggled, it will not do. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” – Mr Darcy
    8. Neither, I don’t care for coffee.
    9. I would have to pick Italian out of those three dishes, although my favorite is Mexican food!
    10. Playing in our clubhouse we made in the loft of my parents garage.
    11. As we Americans say, I’ll plead the 5th on this one! 😉
    PS- What exactly is a duck pancake? I have never heard of it and it sounds horrible!

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