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I trawled through a drawer this morning, searching for two AA batteries attempting to replace the batteries in my alarm clock. Today finding batteries seems extremely old school because we all have mobile phones with alarms; most people also have radio alarms so their radio doubles up as an alarm clock. But I am content with my ancient alarm clock.

The batteries were buried right at the bottom of the drawer, as I discovered the scattering of loose batteries I also found numerous discarded items, which have collected there over the years. I found a vast collection of old cut string, shells from holidays, broken headphones and so many old phone chargers. These all combined together meant that it was impossible for me to see the wood on the bottom of the drawer, so I removed everything and scattered it across the room.

I then discovered a Barbie shoe, a scratched DVD and a large iron key. I could understand discovering all of the other items; they all had a story behind them. However this key was a mystery to me. I had never seen it before and didn’t know what it could possibly be a key for.

The key sat there as my imagination raced around thinking about where the key could be from and what the possibilities were regarding what the key could unlock. The large iron key would be able to be inserted into a grand lock, at the front of a grand house, a house with history. The key would be turned clicking in the lock opening the grand oak double doors as they are pulled open and the great hall is visible through the ever-increasing opening. The great hall radiates beauty and wealth to which I cannot imagine in my life today. The sweeping long luxurious curtains sweep from the floor to the ceiling letting in the glowing light through enormous windows.

As the light settles on the flowers pristinely organized in several large glittering vases, highlighting the beautiful colours of the flowers. Summer has begun, the cut flowers are now a regular key feature of the house the colours brightening the room. The door continues to open as the foot of the stairs is coming into view as eyes are caught and taken upwards towards the landing. The rich red of the carpet allows you to marvel, you continue to wonder what is to come.

The landing is the stage for the scandal of this grand house. The audience from the front door, the large key still in their hand, they view something, which they were not meant to see. In shock they stop and stare watching the events that follow. As the time goes on they realize, perhaps they should not watch any longer as this is not for them to see. The door slams shut, the key still in their hand as they recoil down the steps and back onto the street.

The key for now will sit in your drawer. The key, which we have never seen before, will stay there meaning that your imagination will wander never quite knowing the truth, but it is more entertaining to plot rather than know the truth.



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