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i went for a walk the other morning whilst staying in canterbury. i realised what a beautiful country we live in. the country with green fields and trees making up all that the eye can see. a layer of fog slept over the rolling fields leaving a mystical aura over the natural habitat. it was magical and i very much enjoyed the fact that i could not really see where i was walking or where i had walked from.
it was so amazing

  1. I like this. Grey and gloomy and a bit sombre too. Beautiful and moody.

  2. Seeing this photo made me think of this small road i used to walk often when i was in Cornwall, back in 2007. It looks just like that one there, but then, i have the impression that every country road look like that in the UK. πŸ™‚

    • haha yeah a lot of roads look like that! i mean there is still an element of each road which you can recognise whether it be a sequence of flowers or something like that πŸ™‚ thank you for stopping by, keep smiling

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