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working in retail has meant that i have only been given one day off. today. easter sunday. 

now to fully enjoy my day i would like to go out, spend my day with a friend, stay out late. but i have looked at the transport and due to the fact that it is a public holiday, there is NO TRANSPORT anywhere. i therefore conclude that the UK needs to reevaluate the fact that people like me rarely get these days off. people like me need to enjoy our days off, therefore the transport should be better today than other days in the week. 

but anyway easter is here, a time to sit back and view the long winter months that have passed. have a look at the things we have achieved and more importantly what is to come and what we are looking forward to in the summer. i think that easter is refreshing, not because i am religious, but more because it is a day which signifies the end of winter to me. i associate it with daffodils, chicks, new beginnings, spring cleaning and new starts. without this significant day i think that i would plod along in a bit of a daze or confusion due to the fact that there is nothing to break up the monotony of work, the current disappointment of the weather and the fact that it is far away from both christmas and my birthday, therefore the things that i look forward too. 

but i think easter also refreshes people, it gives people a good feeling and something positive. religious people focus on the religious teachings of jesus being crucified and coming back to life. other religions and countries also celebrate easter and the way that there will be a positive and enjoyable summer to come. 

  1. Don’t forget the lambs at this time of year!!!! I know that’s not your point, but along with daffodils, chicks and new starts, you get lambs and lambs are always good (except when people eat them) 😀

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