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In Uncategorized on April 24, 2012 at 8:32 am

today with my day off i am going to attempt to learn a new song on the guitar. i think that people need to take the time out to learn something new just to keep their minds ticking. to keep them interested and also interesting. its all well and good having everything at the touch of a button where we can download anything and also have any answer we need whenever we need it. but in reality is this having a negative impact on us as humans? 

the way that now we don’t need to think about the answer we can just ask the internet, the large vat which holds all of the answers to anything that we ever want to know. by learning something new, without technology, using our minds we will keep our imagination turning. our imaginations are unique to us, they cannot be stolen or edited. the imagination that we have needs to be exercised to make sure that it remains healthy, in the same way that we exercise ourselves and our pets. it is just another maintenance for us. 

you know that imagination is important because you are your own entertainment. the story will go wherever you want it to. i mean there is never a downtime, the spirals of the imagination can take you from the uk to hawaii, from narnia to hogwarts or even to the galactic empire. 

let your imagination roll, set yourself a challenge, learn one new thing today 🙂 


  1. Hi, Emma, this is so true! Doing thing from scratch is the best. By the way, how long have you been playing guitar?

  2. Very inspiring and true. Learning something new keeps us from being so dependent on the environment to entertain us, we do it for ourselves.

  3. A lovely post! It is so rewarding learning something new that isn’t technology based. Instruments, paint, scissors, any way to be creative is good with me! 🙂

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