Back into the swing

In Uncategorized on October 29, 2012 at 8:46 am

Its been a while. Lots has changed and things have definitely moved on and moved forward. The way things have unravelled has allowed me to become stronger, learning more and more each day.

It has made me wonder why things happen. The things that have changed were caused by negative things, arguments, loss and sadness. However they have bought about bigger and better things. 

When you want to change or know that you have to, sometimes it is the last push which defeats us. The last push is the final hurdle that we have to overcome yet it seems like the biggest and most daunting. How can we make the final jump? 

In reality do we need that final push, the one to make us tip over the edge just to say ENOUGH I am going to make a change. Today things will be different and I am going to change because it is time. Family and friends sometimes know, but sometimes forget how difficult it can be to make the jump. They can be supportive and help you through difficult times however they can also be the ones who push you over the edge. 

Even though at the time it can see like what you are going through is a bad thing and that the final jump can see like the end of the world, in reality things like arguments and the sadness that follows needs to happen as there are bigger and better things to come. These moments help you to grow and to become who you want to be. Don’t look at it as a negative, think about what is next….


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