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I took the time…

In observations on March 2, 2012 at 9:18 pm

I took the time today to watch the people around me and discovered some interesting things

1. tourists automatically slow down and become significantly more stupid in london.

they slow down and waddle through the streets trying to take in every small detail, unfortunately due to the fact that a) london is busy anyway and b) london is a working environment and c) we are all in a rush tourists become significantly more annoying.

2. everything is a potential photo opportunity.

if you can stand in front of it and have a pout on your face a photo can be taken.

3. we will all visit the same places in a coach load attitude.

people on holiday like to do things in crowds so that everyone around them speaks the same language and so that they can intimidate the locals!

4. eye contact is avoided at all costs, there is no need to look into anyones faces because they are scary, we must not connect in any way. 

eye contact is deemed a sin or a crime. if we look up we must quickly look away due to the fact prolonged eye contact could be deemed as looking at someone in the ‘wrong way’

5. there are so many interesting people all around london.

a man who walks a ferret, mismatched couples, interestingly dressed people, mimes, tourists and many more. just take the time to look at the world passing you by. there is so much to see

as they say in lion king

there is more to be seen than can ever be seen. more to do than can ever be done. 

open your eyes 🙂