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In truths on February 23, 2012 at 10:22 pm

What is more scary? The actual act of something or the pure fear of it?

I think that fear is even more powerful than actions or words, the fear of something can be spread from person to person in a mere second. We are constantly being bombarded with things that we should be scared of from war, death and destruction to illness, wealth and transport issues. We become scared of anything and everything as long as someone with a status expresses it.

For one the television and the internet has the power over the human race to spread a fear which is big enough to consume the superior broadcasters encouraging them to spread the messages given to them. The news starts with the glimmer of a story which they then build on making it an all singing, all dancing entertainment medium in which people absorb. This ability to absorb news and factual then spreads to be used in entertainment programmes. Viewers become confused in the respect that they will take in entertainment as fact, the facts spread in these programmes then emerge as fear.

An example of this would be when the War of the Worlds was first read over the radio in America in 1938. The people heard the story, believed the reports were real and then began to shoot at the water storage tanks which looked similar to the description on the aliens in the story. Newspapers reported that panic ensued, with people across the Northeastern United States and Canada fleeing their homes. Some people called CBS, newspapers or the police in confusion over the realism of the news bulletins. Some claimed they could smell poison gas or see flashes of lightning in the distance.

The belief of the aliens was worse than the actual threats of that time period. The threat of war was overshadowing, Hitler was increasing his grasp over the world, but people in America were concerned about the apparent alien invasion.

As the film contagion displays the spread of fear is the most harmful pandemic. Contagion is defined as the “tendency to spread of an influence or emotional state” or “a harmful corrupting influence”. Contagion displays how people are more likely to believe someone who is charismatic rather than the data surrounding the facts.

Fear is unstoppable, there is no way that we can stop fear as it is the outcome of free thought and the ability to have your own beliefs, interests and dreams. With no control over that, there is no way to prevent the origin of fear and therefore the spread of it.


Fate? Is there such a thing?

In truths on February 21, 2012 at 6:42 pm

I wonder what it would be like if my day went the way it was planned. Tasks would be completed, things would be done on time, people would be spoken to, I would have a success if this were to happen.
This however was not the state of my day. Now I’m not one for writing about my day and the days events but when the things that happened today were in progress I knew they needed significant recognition.
I started to think about fate and the idea that things happen for a reason. So bearing this in mind I began my day waking up late. What exactly did waking up aid me to do? This made me ponder the question of parallel universes in the sense that another Emma, an ideal Emma, may have woken up on time and been on time for the train but may then have forgotten her work shirt. The world deals a funny hand as we progress through the game.
What if our choices and moves were all mapped out in a way that is planned. Everything that we choose is pre planned for us. It sounds slightly matrix but I feel that negative things, mistakes and bad luck come in threes. For example, my dad went into hospital, I messed up at work and I lost my train ticket in one day.
I do believe that somewhere in the world there is another me, making the same decisions but constantly choosing the opposite to me. This would result in them being in a completely different situation perhaps for the better, perhaps for worse. But I know if I make a bad decision, the wrong decision regarding myself or anyone else, I will try to learn from my mistake. That is the only way to stop me from doing it again.
On the way home I got on the wrong train because I got on without looking at the destination. So I ended up heading to Brighton instead of London. Lesson learned- don’t be a fool and look at the notice boards.
Achievement of the day- Many managers told me how well I fit in and how well I’m doing at work.
Dream of the day- Start saving money to take mum away for a weekend trip.
Movie to explain how I feel- The Island.

Embrace your fear.

In truths on February 20, 2012 at 6:29 pm

Interesting conversation today which occurred because a friend mentioned that they were chased by a snail. Now I totally understood this expression to which I said yes that must have been rather scary, then realising that they must have been moving incredibly slowly to have been chased by a snail! If I had of been paying attention I would have realised the error of my thinking because a snail chasing me would be rather amusing.
Which got me thinking what would be the scariest thing to be chased by? Is it an animal, a person, something from a dream, a machine or maybe an idea? In fact I have determined it is my past. I have my experiences, bad feelings and bullying all chasing me reminding me of what I have come from. When I am going about my day to day business those Daemons will follow causing me to lack self confidence and any positive feeling.
If my daemons were to manifest themselves as a tangible creature i think that it would be the most hideous and most scary thing to chase me. Something which I have run away from, distancing myself from my problems, fears and feelings. Until now. Until the realisation that I am more than my fear, I need to face them and carry on.
Achievement of the day- asking a guy to have lunch with me on Wednesday
Dream of the day- go to Paris
Movie to explain how I feel- I am legend.

Today’s challenge

In truths on February 19, 2012 at 7:02 pm

Today I’m finding that things I have found easier in the past are putting up a challenge. I feel as if I fight and fight but there is no moving forward, I take two steps forward one step back. But as I make my way through the day I realise that I am fighting the same battles over and over.
The distance I have traveled is more than words can say. I need to remind myself that there may be more to do, more challenges to face, but I need to focus on what I have done. I am a fighter and need to remember that I have the courage and also the drive to get to the places I want to be.
My achievement of the day- told my boss the truth about where I want to work
Movie to explain how I feel- xmen because they all strive to fit in to normal life when where they belong is a smaller group which is the place I have found at work
Dream of the day-go on a hot air balloon trip