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Times gone by.

In television on February 19, 2012 at 10:20 pm

Watching upstairs downstairs to tonight on bbc1 I stop and wonder what would happen if I were to have been born in a time of war.
What would have happened if we were to return to a time where it was important to make the most of each others company. What it was like to live in a world where we were judged by our appearance and beliefs. How we stood in regards to political, financial and historical issues. Although people would be following their conscience and what they felt in their hearts, their beliefs would be hurting others.
I think I would like to return to a place where people think before acting, trying to prevent hurt and damage by taking into consideration how other people feel, making sure that I am presented in a way that I am respectable for what I am and what I believe in rather than having qualifications against my name.
Although war time would have been scary I think that the respect that people had for their country and their peers is beautiful, it is something which we have lost and I believe that it is something we need to develop again.