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Quote… Food for Thought…

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Syndrome: Oh, I’m real. Real enough to defeat you! And I did it without your precious gifts, your oh-so-special powers. I’ll give them heroics. I’ll give them the most spectacular heroics the world has ever seen! And when I’m old and I’ve had my fun, I’ll sell my inventions so that *everyone* can have powers. *Everyone* can be super! And when everyone’s super…  – no one will be. 

I was chatting to a friend yesterday about the fact that the talents and the abilities which we all have and believe to be our own are in fact a figment of our reality. This is due to the fact that nothing in life is really ours. Nothing in this life matters unless it is acknowledged by other people around us. The possessions, skills and talents that we have are only important when other people say that they are. 

If you are shy and wait for people to tell you that you are good at something, that reassurance either will never come or it will come far too late after you have had a spiralling decrease in your self confidence and the belief that you can’t do something. Or you can be at the other end of the spectrum where your ego and the belief that you can do anything completely dominates who you are making you over confident and believing that you are indestructible. There are times when it is better to be shy and then other times when it is better to show confidence. However these skills which we either believe to have or are told that we have are becoming less and less important, this is due to the accessibility we have to everything. 

For example the increase in personal technology we now have the opportunity to take photographs at any moment in time, it is encouraging us all to become photographers. Each person can use their phones and then edit the instigram application which allows them to feel that they have a creative talent, now that creative talent which people believe they are ‘gifted with’ is something which is becoming less important. this is because when everyone can do something and they know that they are good at it the need for photographers declines. the job title of photographers is slowly going to disappear as the superior talents which they only really made use of are now displayed to everyone. This encourages everyone to use them, therefore making everyone a photographer. That way no one will be classed as a photographer.



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What I find particularly interesting is the ability to use, process and learn with hindsight. There is so much that we can learn from things that we have done, places we have been, mistakes we have made. At the time they may seem relatively unimportant or as if they will never effect us in later life.
There are some decisions that I have made which are still effecting my life today, some good and some bad, but they are still there nonetheless. The hindsight we have allows us to look back at that situation and decide what we should have done and also make the judgement about whether we would have acted differently.
For example when I was 13 people started to ask me to do their homework for them. I said yes. By 16 I was pushing my work aside to do other peoples work. I ignored what I needed and I wanted in order to please the other people around me. With hindsight I can see that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to agree to do the homework in the first place, but at the time I was too scared of being rejected.
How do we apply this hindsight to everyday life? To be able to succeed and move forward with life?
We need to process the mistakes or choices that we make, reflect in where it takes us, how it makes us feel and then apply it to current situations. This way we will only come out of these difficult situations on a positive note feeling good about the decisions we have made.
This is a major lesson that I have had to learn, without this I could not be standing here today. I do still put other people in front of myself in fear of being rejected or in fear of losing a friend but I’m still working on it!
How do you use hindsight?


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there is many reasons why we can believe that magic exists, so many things in the day can persuade us that the magic exists. although is it actually magic or is it just the belief that between us if we want something to happen badly enough, we will all do what we can to make it so. 

there is a famous quote from the field of dreams. ‘if you build it he will come’ 

i read into this that if you want something (i.e. baseball stars to play their sport in your garden) if you go out of your way you will be rewarded with what you want. in this respect if you work hard enough in the right direction the odds will work with you. if you have the belief, the need to work hard and succeed then there is a higher chance that the magic will happen. 

i wanted the confidence to be able to succeed in a new job. so i went and applied for a job, i walked in with my head held high pretending that i was confident the magic struck me down and gave me the confidence that i needed to get the job. 

so i wanted that confidence, i was willing to work towards the confidence, i put in the effort and i was rewarded with the thing, the ONLY thing that i wanted at that point. 

give yourself the gift of magic, apply the belief, the desire and right attitude towards what you want you will be rewarded 🙂

todays challenge

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write about someone who appears to be something they are not 

as i walked along my road leaving the house and the comforts behind me. the safety of my room, my possessions and my family behind me. i have to become a new person as i head out to work. 

the people i pass here see me as a troubled young person, someone who has had major challenges for several years. most of them i have got through and personally i would like to move on from, but the neighbours see and live in the past. they will not forget. 

the further i go the better i feel, when the house is out of sight i feel ready for my day as i put my work persona on. this overall being is confident, talkative, outgoing and important. at work i leave my past behind me as i have managed to carve out a new path, a new start. 

i pretend to be confident, to be important, to be happy but inside i am troubled and things bother me. i feel sad inside and sometimes i am more shy than people can ever imagine! it doesn’t show because i really want to have a new start. i hope that if i can make other people believe that i am confident, i may one day be able to make myself believe that i am confident. if i believe this i may be able to suppress how shy i am. 

i wish that some people knew how i really feel inside, it is so difficult to tell people who see me as utterly confident and happy. they don’t believe how shy i am. 

sometimes i would be happy to curl up in a ball and not be noticed, to not make a scene and to hide. but that would be giving into the fear. 

i will not do that again. 

Today’s challenge

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Today I’m finding that things I have found easier in the past are putting up a challenge. I feel as if I fight and fight but there is no moving forward, I take two steps forward one step back. But as I make my way through the day I realise that I am fighting the same battles over and over.
The distance I have traveled is more than words can say. I need to remind myself that there may be more to do, more challenges to face, but I need to focus on what I have done. I am a fighter and need to remember that I have the courage and also the drive to get to the places I want to be.
My achievement of the day- told my boss the truth about where I want to work
Movie to explain how I feel- xmen because they all strive to fit in to normal life when where they belong is a smaller group which is the place I have found at work
Dream of the day-go on a hot air balloon trip