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Fading Away

In Uncategorized on October 31, 2012 at 7:42 pm

Today I took a trip from my new house to the Victoria and Albert Museum. I went by myself as I find that it is easiest when I am on my own to appreciate the nice things that are on display at the museum but also absorb the amazing atmosphere that surrounds each of the pieces on display. Today I started in the medieval rooms where a lot of the items on display were to do with religion. 

I am not a very religious person but I took the time to appreciate how people lived and how much they relied and respected the religions which they lived by. One thing which I did notice was the number of statues and heads of important figures were scattered around the rooms. Some of the figures were worse for wear with their features and faces crumbling away from existence. The people who for that period of time were important enough to have themselves sculpted out of clay, stone or marble are sitting inside museums as their worst enemy works against them. 

Nobody knows who they are unless there is a small piece of paper next to them revealing who they are and what they were famous for. This is something sad to behold as in their lifetime they were very important and today we don’t really know why. As they sit inside the museums and their features wear away, leaving everything to the imagination as facial features disappear leaving unidentifiable bumps on their faces, it makes me wonder if their legacy is too wasting away. 

What happens when the historians and the people who maintain these statues of the significant people leave or move on. Will the statues be looked after and each individuals legacy continue. They were important however they have passed on, but I feel that it is too sad for the statues to waste away too. 

There should be some way in which as a the public stop the pattern of people in history slowly being forgotten or starting to become unrecognised both visually and also for what they have done in the past. They have been remembered for a reason, we need to remember that. 



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What I find particularly interesting is the ability to use, process and learn with hindsight. There is so much that we can learn from things that we have done, places we have been, mistakes we have made. At the time they may seem relatively unimportant or as if they will never effect us in later life.
There are some decisions that I have made which are still effecting my life today, some good and some bad, but they are still there nonetheless. The hindsight we have allows us to look back at that situation and decide what we should have done and also make the judgement about whether we would have acted differently.
For example when I was 13 people started to ask me to do their homework for them. I said yes. By 16 I was pushing my work aside to do other peoples work. I ignored what I needed and I wanted in order to please the other people around me. With hindsight I can see that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to agree to do the homework in the first place, but at the time I was too scared of being rejected.
How do we apply this hindsight to everyday life? To be able to succeed and move forward with life?
We need to process the mistakes or choices that we make, reflect in where it takes us, how it makes us feel and then apply it to current situations. This way we will only come out of these difficult situations on a positive note feeling good about the decisions we have made.
This is a major lesson that I have had to learn, without this I could not be standing here today. I do still put other people in front of myself in fear of being rejected or in fear of losing a friend but I’m still working on it!
How do you use hindsight?